What are the benefits for a Media Owner?

MediaFlirt can be used to generate additional revenue for a Media Owner that has spare capacity or unsold inventory.

For publications with offerings related to singles or dating MediaFlirt can be used to build brand loyalty and to provide readers with a value added service.

If new profiles are advertised in each edition of a publication then MediaFlirt provides consumers with a compelling reason to purchase each new edition to see the new profiles.

What are the benefits of MediaFlirt compared to other SMS products?

MediaFlirt generates multiple SMS messages per user which tends to continue over a period of time. This is in contrast to products such as logos and ringtones which tend to generate only one or two messages.

MediaFlirt is very easy to use without having to reference a paper advert containing phone types and product codes which is the case for logos and ring tones. This makes MediaFlirt easy to continue using long after an advert was originally responded to.

MediaFlirt sells love and friendship which is very compelling and something that people are prepared to pay for.

With MediaFlirt you are interacting with other real people which means that the “content” always remains fresh and interesting.

MediaFlirt provides users with a form of mobile entertainment that is always accessible and that can be used in moments of free time.